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Allan Mah

VP, Construction

Allan Mah

Allan Y. Mah, is considered a pioneer in construction operations in major urban and remote markets throughout his career. He brings with him many years of diverse construction experience and a leadership style that brings players together in reaching a common goal. Understanding that construction is a business of mistakes, he emphasizes the need to be ready with solutions, and not complains. Being able to offer mutual respect, and accepting the fallibility in each of us, the technical difficulties of construction can be easier to overcome. Never shy away from a challenge, from the Great Wall of China to the Burg Khalifa of Dubai, “It has been done before”. Believing in 90% of the success is in the planning, execution with a sense of urgency, and confronting adversity, best describes Allan’s approach in business and in life.
Making his final stop in Seattle, Allan prides himself in his heritage, his humble upbringing, and his relentless support of multi-culturalism.

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