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Opinion: Multifamily Demand Will Remain Strong in Seattle

Nov 4, 2020

Vibrant Cities' Co-Founder and CEO column in the Puget Sound Business Journal about our beloved Seattle area.

"My family immigrated to Seattle from China when I was 8 years old. I am proud to call this my hometown. I believe in Seattle and my feelings are based on more than sentimentality.

I started my career in accounting and technology so I have a very pragmatic approach to business. I got into real estate about 20 years ago after I sold my first technology company to balance my investment portfolio. Since 2013, I transitioned from technology to real estate full time.

My current company, Vibrant Cities, develops multifamily and condominium properties in the urban centers of Seattle and Portland. We currently have 13 projects in development or construction totaling 1,700 units.

Given the pandemic and economic uncertainty, there is naturally some concern. But I’m not afraid and I remain very bullish on the region. The Seattle economy is diverse and resilient. First, we are a global center of excellence for technology."

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