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JMA and Vibrant Cites Work Together on PNW Housing Options

Jun 14, 2021

JMA is working with Seattle-based multi-family developer Vibrant Cities on multiple community-focused housing options for the fast-growing Pacific Northwest region.

“The Pacific Northwest has been growing for decades and we love the vibrancy and opportunities it offers,” said Vibrant Cities Managing Director Winston Yeung. “With limited land available and many areas bound by geography, by providing multi-family options and density, more people have the ability to live within the city while enjoying a beautiful home and the natural appeal that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.”

Located in Seattle’s International District, Vibrant Cities is a minority and woman owned company.

“We are so proud to provide designs for Vibrant Cities, a company focused on developing smart buildings that benefit the community,” said JMA Principal Matt Laase who managed the design of Roystone in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. “Here at JMA, we value strong relationships with our clients and the community, which is why we really appreciate Vibrant Cities’ core values of integrity, trust, and respect.”

JMA started working for Vibrant Cities in 2016 and has since designed 5 multi-family projects.

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